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Dry Plants

What We Do

Giving back and empowering our community through our passion.

Blanket Making

Our members gather every Sunday to create warmth for the less fortunate, your support ensures that we can continue this heartwarming tradition of making and distributing blankets, bringing comfort to those in need.

Collaboration with Other Non-Profits

We believe in the strength of unity. By collaborating with other non-profi ts for events like Diwali and International
Women’s Day, we’re creating a stronger, more compassionate community. Your support makes these collaborations and their positive impact possible.

Cooking at Homeless Shelter

One of our heartfelt missions is to prepare fresh, nourishing meals for those experiencing homelessness. Join us
in this act of compassion as we serve hot meals and share the gift of hope with those who need it the most. Your
support makes all the difference.

Diwali Canned Food Drive

Join us in the spirit of Diwali, a festival of new beginnings and light . Let’s extend the warmth of this festival to those
less fortunate by donating canned food items. Help us brighten their lives and provide the essential gift of food.

Drives For Immediate Needs of the Community

Join us in addressing urgent community needs through impactful drives such as diaper collections and essential
hygiene product donations. Together, we support children’s hospitals, women’s shelters, foster care, and aid
traffi cking victims. If you’re passionate about making a difference, let’s connect and turn compassion into action.

End of the Year Empowerment Gala

Let’s celebrate the unsung heroes of our community together. By attending our gala, you’re not just a guest; you’re a hero too. Proceeds from this event directly contribute to our charity work, making a real difference.

Garden of Love

Join Alka Srivastava in spreading joy and nourishment to seniors and those in need. By donating, you’re helping us
bring fresh fl owers to senior centers and providing fresh vegetables to local food banks. Plus, our plant sales generate vital funds for our cause.

Get Up and Move

We’re passionate about promoting healthy living and well-being. Through outdoor activities like yoga, meditation, and walking, we’re encouraging everyone to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Your contribution enables us to continue this mission.


Join Sunitha Anthaswamy in bringing the world together through the power of music. Your contribution helps us raise funds for our mission of harmony and unity in the community.

IFW (Inspire, Fashion, Wellness)

We believe in empowering individuals of all ages to embrace their true selves and promote sustainability. Your
support fuels our efforts in the creative industry and helps us protect the environment while raising funds for various community charities.

30-Day 30-Mile $30 Challenge

Join us in a journey of self-empowerment! Our members and supporters are not only training for races and marathons but also making a direct impact on our charity work. With your support, we’re not just running, we’re moving towards a brighter future for those in need.

Women’s Empowerment Workshops:

Supporting Women’s Wellness
We’re committed to nurturing not just the bodies but also the minds and hearts of women in our community. By

providing workshops on divorce, healthy cooking, and mental health, we strive to create a holistic approach to well-being. Your contributions enable us to empower women with the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives.

Empowerment starts with knowledge
(Education) Join us in enlightening our community about vital topics affecting women’s lives. From understanding
divorce to promoting healthy cooking and emphasizing mental health, we believe that women’s well-being goes
beyond physical health. Your support helps us educate, uplift, and make a difference in their lives.

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